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The Clinic Network (TCN, founded in 2015, is a division of Cura-Can Health Corp. and operates 12 medical clinics across Canada (4 in the Greater Toronto Area). TCN offers multidisciplinary therapies for patients that suffer from chronic pain, rheumatoid conditions, Crohn’s, IBS, Fibromyalgia, HIV, Insomnia and related disease states. It is our stated mission to provide improvement with each individual’s daily functionality, productivity, and quality of life. The company provides patients with access to the latest medical advancements as well as well as pharmaceutical and cannabis-related therapies.

TCN was started with a simple vision; provide the broadest range of leading-edge pain, arthritis and inflammatory therapies. It is a simple concept with profound consequences. Quality standards matter, best practices matter and foresight matters

TCN combines complimentary facets of health care to provide an exemplary level of treatment for our patients. Founded by an experienced and progressive group of physicians, our clinics have been built on a patient-centric, evidence-based approach that ensures every patient is provided with a therapy tailored specifically to their needs.

Cannabis As an Alternative Therapy

For those patients interested in cannabis an alternative treatment, TCN offers both education and physician consultations.  Patients receive medical direction from a TCN physician; and our educators meet individually with each patient to discuss the parameters of cannabis use, product profiles and how to select a Licensed Producer.

Our physician’s role is to assess patient eligibility via medical document review and/or consultations with the patients’ primary care physician. When deemed appropriate, an appointment will be scheduled for either an on-site consultation or via telemedicine.


Telemedicine consultations accommodate patients that cannot travel to a clinic due to illness or accessibility. Telemedicine allows TCN to provide care for patients that may otherwise be unavailable. Upon the completion of the consultation, our physician will complete the required medical document authorizing the patient to use cannabis as medicine.


Please NOTE: TCN clinics are not dispensaries and as such, do not inventory any cannabis products. The only legal source of medicinal cannabis for patients is to order directly from a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer (L.P.). For a complete list of L.P.’s or more information, please visit the Health Canada website or go to the Licensed Producer tab on the TCN website: www.theclnicnetwork.ca

Our Mandate:

Cultivating long-term relationships with our patients, educating and empowering patients, and keeping our knowledge as cutting-edge (in tech and innovation) as possible is our mandate. The TCN  health care model is based upon Research and Development, Service, Education, and the introduction of alternative holistic therapies and treatment plans.

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