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Involved Medicine was founded in January 2017 and as a start up to test the strategy of a value and relationship based practice style for chronic medical conditions.  We have created a system that is linked with academic sites, hospitals, community needs and services at large for persons with chronic conditions.  Our site is also a teaching community for learners in nursing, rheumatology, family medicine and allied health care as we welcome a multidisciplinary approach.  We strive to develop and model the next generation of care. 

In 2018, we presented this model of care in Vienna for persons living with rare diseases in order to provide a suggested framework/template for community-based North American models of care.

Why We Do What We Do The Way We Do It.

Our involved, integrated approach responds to the ever growing need for a timely, comprehensive health care solution that is patient centric. We know that by closing the gaps in the current medical system which is burdened with long wait times, rushed appointments and lack of integration, we can help with and enhance, our patient’s treatment, quality of life and approach to wellness, by dedicating the time and attention every person wants and deserves but also influencing the value-based proposition in health care systems.  We are leading the next generation strategy for valued-based care because at our core we believe in fixing gaps in health care for persons with chronic illnesses.

Our Services

Infusion Therapy
Preventative Health Medicine
Chiropractic Care
Medical Cannabis

Registered Massage Therapy
Registered Dietitian
Social Work
Compression Stockings

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